June 25, 2014


I'd like to offer a book free - free book + free shipping- for a review left on Amazon. I'm not asking for five star reviews. Instead I'm asking for an honest review, honest opinion. No strings attached. It can be as little as a few sentences to a paragraph or two. I'm only interested in your opinion of the story/or stories.

Not all readers leave reviews and reviews are important to the sales of a book. While selling my books is not the most important element of my work, I want people to read my books and if I don't sell them, they are not read.

Thanks to anyone who wants to email his or her address to me for a book to review. I'll be giving away a total of six books, deadline for getting me your name and address is  July 4th.

Email me at barbwhitti@aol.com
I'll need your name and mailing address in full.

Thanks a bunch.

Here is a summary of each book offered.

Vada Faith - novel

Lee Smith said of Vada Faith, “...the combination of the tight, funny, punchy writing and the serious theme (surrogacy) make this an unusual and memorable novel. The sisters’ relationship...is wonderful as ever, and Mama is simply a dream....great characters and great narrative energy.” Vada Faith is the story of a young wife and mother with issues. She decides by becoming the first surrogate mother in Shady Creek, West Virginia, she will get the recognition she has longed for. Instead, the fight is on! Vada Faith, her family, and the townspeople draw up sides, leaving Vada Faith's life full of hurt and even more discontent. Read this novel about family members learning to love better, to accept and to forgive each other.

Ezra and Other Stories - short stories

Enjoy the romance, suspense, and humor in this collection of short stories. In award winning “Mabel and the Garage Sale,” Mabel’s house rests in the path of a proposed highway. As Mabel sorts her things to move, she recalls the colorful characters who’ve passed through her life. 
The story, “Delphine and Rainelle,” poses the question, is a marriage worth saving at all costs?
In “Joy Ruth and Minnie Hendrix” the ladies find more than arrangements for a funeral over at Miller’s Funeral home. 
Newlyweds, “Wally and Bun,” are set for life as they fly off in a hot air balloon, leaving their friend, Murphy, to figure out where he stands with the girl he left behind many years ago.
“Eve and Marcus Welby” finds Eve searching for love in college classes given to her by her mother. But, is Eve somehow destined to have only her cats to love?
It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re working with turkeys, Stevie writes with his label maker, as he tries to win Macon over as they work together. And, can only the young find the kind of love that makes your pulse race and your palms sweat? “Ezra” offers hope for those who feel they may have missed the love boat.

June 19, 2014

Zen, Yoga, and Other ways to slow down!

I've decided to simplify my life. 

Recently, I realized I've lived most of my life in a state of panic. As a result I'm looking at things I can realistically change. I found the list below of 12 zen things on facebook. It seems a good place to start. 

Zen Defined.

noun: a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition.

SOUND GOOD? I agree!

I dug out my old yoga tape, the basics of yoga with Rodney Yee, and I intend to start that program again. The peaceful music alone makes me feel better. Then when I do the stretches and easy yoga poses I know I'm on the right track to better health.

 Is anyone willing to make a few changes with me? Maybe slow our lives down just a bit. Rather than going through life on a zip line without taking time to even breathe - correctly - that's right. When I pause to check my breathing, it's even rapid as if I'm running a race and with nowhere to go. I feel it's time I started fresh and gave my life a jumpstart. Do you feel that way too?

Let me know if you're interested in sharing ways to live your life a little bit better, and a bit less rushed.I'll be letting you know how I do in slowing down, letting go of old habits, and basically renewing my vows to get healthier. Mentally. Physically.

AND Spiritually.

I've added prayer three times a day to my schedule. After reading The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd and already believing in the benefits of prayer, I pray daily for healing of the health issues in my life and for the bad memory-issues that keep me from living my life to the fullest. This is a book that describes a healing code that can lead to better health. Fascinating. YES, and it's not even one of my books. But I recommend it highly.

WHAT are you doing this summer?
I'll be ultra busy in July. My daughter is coming with two of the triplets and they are staying after she leaves for two weeks. Or so they tell me. Then the third one will join me a few weeks later. Whew! I need to get 100% rested and feeling great. I have a little over two weeks to do it. Wish me luck.
Then after the kiddies leave, I plan to finish the long awaited sequel to Vada Faith, Missing: Sweet Baby James.

Now, tell me what your plans are...

June 13, 2014

Barbara Null Whittington at Tamarack, Beckley, WV signing books June 14, 11-4.

I'll be at the Tamarack, Beckley, WV on June 14 from 11 to 4 signing my books: Vada Faith and Ezra and Other Stories.
Would love to see you there!!!

My latest story is an ebook only on Kindle at Amazon.com.
Dear Anne: Love Letters from Nam. Hope you'll stop by Amazon and take a look. It's story length - not novel length - a quicker read for those of you who have little time to devote to reading and is dedicated to those who served in the Vietnam War. Leave your comments about any of my books here. Would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

June 8, 2014



                 SHORT STORY

            ON AMAZON KINDLE



May 10, 2014

Dear Anne: Love Letters from Nam $1.99...

My new story (fiction) is available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook for $1.99. Dear Anne will probably never be in book form as it's too short to stand alone. However, the love letters are part of a novel, and I decided to make the letters into a short story. Thus, Dear Anne was born.  The larger work is still on the back burner, waiting to have more scenes written.

Dear Anne has had some positive reviews so far and I'm delighted with the reception it's getting. It's a romance and set during the heat of the Vietnam War.

I hope if you have time to read the love story about newlyweds Anne in WV and Rob in Vietnam, you'll leave a review on Amazon. Reviews help in so many ways. Not only do they help get a story noticed but it helps the author's other books get recognition as well. My goal is to move up in the ranks and have more and more readers. I don't care if the readers are from free books or Amazon sales. A writer wants his or her work read and appreciated, free or otherwise.

On a personal note, I'm taking one step forward and two back as I move along without my husband.
His loss in November has changed all areas of my life. I'm in new territory every single day. A new challenge arises. A new adventure comes along. Or I face an occasional bump in the road and have to deal with it. Alone.

I've bought a car without him, made out a new budget, changed some decorations in the house and rearranged furniture. I've added a new piece here or there. Small changes. The house feels different. I suppose to go with the different person I am becoming. Not sure I am comfortable with this new person. But I have no choice. The changes that have come uninvited have made me different. I'm the same but different if that makes sense.

There are many pros in my life right now. I've had lots of time with family and friends and my writing is beginning to bubble on that back burner. Projects are beginning to call my name.

Chores I've let go for months are now getting done. I have energy again. I'm ready for whatever comes my way.

How about you? Have you had changes in your life lately? Are you ready as our spring rapidly turns to summer?

Do have a lovely Mother's Day! Be kind! Courteous! AND hug someone today.

May God bless your life richly as He has mine. Comment and let me know what's new with you.
Hugs, Barb

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April 10, 2014


I reviewed THE SHACK here last year and recently discussed it with friends as several of us have been reading books about Heaven. HEAVEN IS FOR REAL; PROOF OF HEAVEN, and a few others. All of which I've loved. Now I plan to see the movies GOD IS NOT DEAD and NOAH. This should evoke even more spirited discussion about Heaven with the group. That said, here is the review from earlier. 
The Shack by William P. Young has been much touted in the last few years. Some people love it. Others hate it.

As it was one of the books discussed recently at our writers meeting, and the group was clearly divided in their feelings about the book, I decided to read it.

I knew very little about the book when I opened it and I was hooked in the first few pages. It's about the disappearance from a camp ground of a beautiful little six year old girl named Missy.

The shack comes into play early on when the little girl's bloody dress is found in the shack in the woods.

Okay, we move along backward getting to know the characters in the story.
Then, Mack the father gets a letter from papa, which is what they call God. He's invited back to the shack in the woods by what he assumes is God.
He goes. It's winter and it's been snowing and is icy.
This is where he started to lose me.
The weather which he's having trouble walking in turns suddenly to spring or summer with beautiful flowers growing in the field and a gentle warm wind blowing. He starts to feel pretty good about now.

Then three people - the trinity represented - Father, Son, Holy Ghost (I'm assuming)
appear. A black woman, a man and another woman, Asian, I believe.

I quit reading at page 89, chapter six. I couldn't suspend my disbelief. And I tried.
I became disconnected from the story.
Mack is feeling really good, laughing and enjoying these people even though he can't quite figure them out. But then neither could I.

I closed the book.
What made me do that?

I loved the story up to that point.
I was rooting for the little girl.
I was looking for resolution.
I started to lose faith. For a bit I clung to the hope that the author would do something to get the story back on track. He didn't. Not for me anyway.
Now I'll never know how the story ends.

Did you read this book?
What did you think of it?
Did you love or hate the story? And why.
I know it's a Christian story. I got that. I'm a believer.

I also believe that an author can do anything he wants with a story. He can make God send letters. He can make God any color or nationality he wants.
Among all the many things he can do, the one thing he MUST do is keep a reader on track with his story.

I'm only one person. This author did not keep this reader in the story.
How about you? I look forward to all comments. I'm open minded and will appreciate hearing from you.
Did you read any of the above books or see any of the movies? I'd like to hear your opinions.
I'd like to invite you to share your views of Heaven if you are willing. Or if there are books you'd recommend on the subject. Many thanks! And blessings to all!

March 26, 2014

Florida/No place like home/Spring Tonic......

Good to be back from Florida vacation! Here are a few highlights from the trip.

I came home with more than I went with. Five extra pounds and I can't figure out why. WHO AM I KIDDING??? Here I am at Goodson's Strawberry Farm with an oversized strawberry shortcake with ice cream. Hands down the best strawberries I've ever tasted! We've visited Goodson's Farm for a good many years now. It's grown from a shack along the road to a huge indoor farm market and food court. Sandwiches, drinks and their famous strawberry concoctions. Happy to see them thriving.

We had a great time visiting Sarasota and the Lipizon Horse Show. Beautiful horses. Such a great story about them being saved from Austria, in part by our own General Patton. 

Sorry no photos of the play we saw at Sun City Center - Rollings Theatre, titled Valentine's on Rt. 66, written by two members of the talented cast. No photos either of our afternoon of music, performed by the Front Porch Pickers. I forgot my camera but I managed to get lost in songs from yesterday. One in  particular, Together Again, made me feel sad. But then they switched to a lively number and the moment was gone quickly. Besides who could be sad listening to a band that included instruments from an orchestra, a cowboy hoedown and a back porch songfest - including a washboard. Lots of fun! I cught myself doing some toe tapping.

This was our lunch one day at a local donut and coffee shop. I have to say everything there was delicious. Ah ha! I believe this lunch could have been a contributor to my five pounds!!!

We stayed here for our two weeks with the perfect host, my brother in law. Who knows all the best places to eat in town and who can whip up delicious meals at a moment's notice. On St. Patrick's day he made corned beef with all the trimmings. Excellent cook and host. Thanks to him our visit was perfect.
We tried the new (to us anyway) Allegiant Airlines and found it to be very accomodating. Smooth flights, comparable prices, and friendly pilots and stewardesses.

Happy to be back home. Not so happy to be sitting by the fireplace. I msut say I expected it to be a tad warmer here in Ohio but who's complaining? There's no place quite like home.

On the writing front, I'm working on the story about Vietnam told in letter form. A fictional piece I hope to get on Amazon in next few weeks. I'm getting slower and slower! Perhaps I need a spring tonic.

How are you coping with this winter weather? Or do you live in a place that's pleasant year round?
Would love to hear from you. Comments welcome!